Getting Really Large Images onto WordPress

I wanted to added zoomable versions of some very large visualizations to the site this evening.  So I uploaded them to GigaPan (actually, some had been uploaded years ago), and embedded them on the site, and everything works great!!  Click on the ‘Data Art’ tab above to see for yourself.  Here’s the steps if you’re interested…

  1. GigaPan only accepts images that are 50 megapixels or more, which is really large.  If your image is large, but not that large, download SmillaEnlarger and increase the size a little.
  2. Sign up for a GigaPan account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Download GigaPan uploader.
  4. Install the uploader, and upload the image.  The software was pretty easy to use.  When the upload is finished, you’ll get a url for the image that includes a 5 digit id.  One of mine was 65469, for example.
  5. On the wordpress page or post where you want the image, place the following code (replacing 65469 with your image’s id):
    <iframe src= frameborder=”0″ height=”400″ scrolling=”no” width=”100%”></iframe>
  6. That’s it!  You’ll get something like this…