Beautiful Visualization: The Book

Had the opportunity last fall to contribute a chapter to the recently released book “Beautiful Visualization” by Julie Steele and Noah Iliinsky. So for my chapter I did visualizations of two large datasets. One was of the Netflix Prize, which was an updated version of a visualization I did a couple of years back. And since I was working at AT&T Interactive R&D at the time, the other visualization I did was of the query logs for, a local search engine owned by AT&T.

Julie Steele was wonderful to work with as an editor. And O’Reilly is kind enough to allow the chapter authors to release their own chapters in digital form. So if your interested, you can download the chapter here.

Here’s the Netflix visualization from the chapter. Click it to enlarge.

Movies in the Netflix Prize Dataset

Closeup of Netflix Prize Visualization.

Another closeup of the Netflix Prize visualization.