A Review of MemoryArchive.org

I recently came across a small site running on Mediawiki called MemoryArchive.org.  The concept is that each article is a memory written, unlike Wikipedia, by a single author.  Subjective content allowed.

There seems to be a legit place for a site with this concept to complement Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is derivative knowledge, it is intended that the content be cited, meaning it already had to have been published somewhere.  Many valuable (and not so valuable) facts don’t fit that bill.  Also, when sources disagree but are merged into a single Wikipedia article, history according to Wikipedia has a rather non-deterministic feel to it.

That said, MemoryArchive.org has a long way to go in terms of concept, technology, and adoption.  If anyone involved with MemoryArchive comes across this review…well, I have some ideas:

  1. The site needs to provide a data dump (similar to Wikipedia’s data dump) or API.  That way researchers can use the knowledge without scraping the content.  Incidentally, I have written a basic scraper in Perl for this site if anyone wants it.
  2. Use Semantic Mediawiki.  Its the future.
  3. Allow any users to create links, categories on any page.  You’re already using MediaWiki, might as well take advantage of the technology.
  4. Allow usernames to be linked to social network account such as Facebook.  It will create many opportunities for applications to use the memories, and for memories to be related to one another.
  5. Link events to Wikipedia pages on those events…as I said, its complimentary to Wikipedia.