Scheme Tutorial

I was asked to give a short (1 hr) tutorial on the Scheme language this week for students in the graduate and undergraduate AI courses at Indiana.  Thought I would post the slides in case anyone wants to adapt it for their own purposes…

1) Back up WordPress MySQL DATABASE!
2) Delete all WordPress files in directories, except “wp-content” folder & contents within that folder!!!
–Once all set, wait about 15 minutes for GoDaddy to refresh–
3) Setup new MySQL database for the new WordPress you’re about to install.
4) Reinstall WordPress from scratch. Do not restore/import the MySQL Database yet!
5) Setup WordPress options, (ie previous theme, update & activate plug-ins, PERMALINK SETTINGS)
–Once all set, wait about 15 minutes for GoDaddy to refresh–
6) Restore MySQL Database into the new database (step #3)

I know this is an old post, but since people are still commenting. Anyone have any luck setting up post via email? I tried that and Postie. When I try to run the php url to get and post emails, I get an error that the connection timed out. Anyone get this to work?

Getting WordPress to work on GoDaddy hosting is pretty easy, including using permalinks and mod_rewrite. I use GoDaddy economy hosting:

it works like a charm. For those wanting further info. I would suggest the excellent book “Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read” by Scott McMulty. It takes the mystery out of blogging with wordpress and has helped me tremendously with the finer details of the program.

We had so many issues multiple instances of WordPress on GoDaddy with the permalink feature. We were running WP on GoDaddy Windows hosting and had several blogs on one hosting account. We were never able to get it to work so we just switched to Bluehost. Thanks though this post is helpful for those trying to get started.