wikimap-small A new visualization Bruce Herr and I recently completed is being featured in this week’s New Scientist Magazine (the article is free online, minus the viz).  They did a good job jazzing up the language used to describe the viz–‘power struggle’, ‘bubbling mass’, ‘blitzed articles’–but they also dumbed down the technical accomplishments.  I guess not everyone gets as excited about algorithms as I do. 

Before I talk anymore about the viz, though, let me mention its appearing at the NetSci 2007 Conference this week, and hopefully a varient will appear at Wikimania later this summer as well.  The viz is a huge 5 feet by 5 feet when printed, and I only include a low res, smaller version here.  At some point high quality art prints of it will appear at SciMaps for sale to fund further visualization research.

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