Another Visualization of the Netflix Prize Dataset

Here’s a recent visualization I did of the dataset used in the Netflix Prize Competition. The dataset is 17,700 movies and 31 gigs of user ratings. This viz shows similar movies close to one another, with the similarities determined by a formula based on ratings.

I found most interesting a cluster of movies (in blue) that I’d say are generally acclaimed. The cluster contains movies of across all genres, such as Schindler’s List, BraveHeart, and Super Size Me. Beyond that, there’s a bunch of clusters which are mostly defined by a genre such as music, sports, documentary, Imax, children’s films, or bonus material. The big blob in the center is mostly what I’d call junk movies.

I’ve labeled some movies just to give some sense of what the clusters contain. There’s an interactive version of the viz as well, so you can explore the movies for yourself…

In case you have a GoDaddy Windows ASP plan, and like me hit a very high frustration level until you remember this ‘minor’ detail, note that you can easily change your hosting plan to Linux.

In the main GoDaddy site, click on “My Hosting Account,” click on the account name (not “manage account”) and let the page reload. On the right hand side, the gray box will give you an option to”Upgrade/Downgrade Hosting Account”. Click on the link, and when the page reloads, highlight your preferred Linux hosting package. Accept your choice, and wait a few minutes for the new account to activate (your site should not go down while this takes place, mine didn’t).

You will now have an easier time installing Word Press on your own, or alternatively following Ray’s advice (which isn’t available for ASP accounts).

I’ve been uusing WordPress on our Linux/PHP shared hosting account for nearly a year. It was daunting at first but I got the hang of it, and I’m very satisfied with performance and ease of use.

GoDaddy has been excellent value, and I would recommend as a blog host.

I used the auto-install from GoDaddy’s applications, and upgraded later. The new version of WP is really good.

To answer Vet, you can do the URL change in a couple of ways that are easier than moving files.

1. GoDaddy allows an easy way of doing subdomains, and you can point them at your blog directory, giving you a new address.

example: ->

2. You can use a new domain name to point to the directory. Change your domain to something else: Then do ->

We do this with – try and you’ll see.