GapMinder Talk

Just read an article about Google buying a small company called GapMinder which does data visualization.  I checked out the talk on the GapMinder homepage, and would recommend watching the first 10 minutes of it.  The visualization tool that is used throughout the talk is something special…easy to see Google’s interest.

I think GapMinder was the tool used by Hans Rosling to make his really awesome presentation at TED Talks last year. You can find all the talks here. You can search by names. Some of those talks are simply outstanding.

Please look at his earlier talk too.

Great blog, by the way. Visualization brings the data alive.

Its online now… quite interesting…

I read the entire post and the comments and made the changes just as you all suggested and it seems to be working beautifully – the first time. This is far too good to be true!

I’m just now building my first WordPress site and it looks a lot easier than building sites with Dreamweaver or the other apps I’ve gotten used to (I’ve tried them all!)

I’ve got GoDaddy Deluxe Hosting where I can put multiple domains under a master domain for the same price. I just opened a new sub-folder named eucopyright where I’m going to build the new site and uploaded all the wordpress files to it.

5 minutes and it seems to work as advertised. Wow. Thanks!

I got to be honest, I have been to countless websites, read numerous amounts of information on forums and details about installing wordpress with my godaddy account. I got to say I am lost! It has taken me a two weeks to accept my faith and let go of my pride to omit my failure.
I’ve followed the ” Famous 5-Minute Install “ multiple times, but when I try to access my web site I get the message “Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request. “ At this point I don’t even know what questions to start asking, if someone could please help a lost soul I would really appreciate it.