Top 10 Google Tech Talks

All Google Tech Talks are here (Google EngEDU is the actual name of the talk series). Thought I’d compile a top ten list…

  1. Python and Python 3000. Two talks about the Python language given by its inventor Guido van Rossum. The first is about the language’s origins and the second is about its future.
  2. How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too). Really liked this talk. Really liked it! Given by the lead developers of SubVersion (and other large projects), this talk provides a guide to working as a team. Next time I lead a project, I am going to ask everyone to watch this before starting work.
  3. Winning the DARPA Grand Challenge. The story of the robot race thru the mojave desert. Having been on a Grand Challenge team, I appreciate just how hard it was to win.
  4. Scrum, et al. An excellent talk about the Scrum agile software development methodology.
  5. Wikipedia and MediaWiki. A talk about the implementation of Wikipedia given by it original, and for a long time, only paid staff developer. Not a very dynamic talk, but the insider perspective is interesting.
  6. Computers versus Common Sense. Doug Lenet gives a talk about the famous AI project Cyc. I thought this project was put to rest a long time ago. Guess I was wrong. Anyways, if you like symbolic Artifical Intelligence, its a really interesting talk.
  7. Scholarly Data, Network Science, and (Google) Maps. A very good information visualization talk.
  8. 15 Views of a Node Link Graph: An Information Visualization Portfolio. A bunch of visualization techniques. I think Tamara Munzner leads some of the most interesting visualization work anywhere.
  9. Human Computation. A talk about harnessing human knowledge for tasks such as spam filtering and image recognition.
  10. Scrum Tuning: Lessons learned from Scrum implementation at Google. A talk about the experience of using Scrum given by one of its inventors.