35 Great Visualizations

Geographical & Historical

WorldProcessor. Globes overlaid with information. Beautiful…must see!
Wikisky Google maps for the stars.
Flight Patterns Visualizations of FAA data.
TextArc: History of Science Beautiful.
2007 Calender. Brad Paley design.
31 days in Iraq. Visualization of deaths in Iraq. Depressing.
Tracing the Visitor’s Eye Flickr tags on a geospatial basemap.
Schreiner International Cables Map. Old world map of cables.
Napolean’s March. Made famous by Edward Tufte.


The State of the Union in Words. From the NYTimes.
Death and Taxes. Where taxes go to.
U.S. Frequency Allocations Chart. Radio frequency allocations.
2006 Election Results. Interesting maps.
Taxonomy Visualization of Patent Data. Patent viz.


IRC Arcs IRC viz.
Welkin RDF visualizer.
History Flow Visualization of the Wikipedia. Wikipedia viz.
Who owns the Internet? Map of the net backbones.
Amaznode. Amazon product visualization.
Java Technology Concept Map. Relationships among Java technologies.
The Dumpster. Romance and Blogs.

Pop Culture

Radio Protector Music recommendation visualizer.
Movie and Actors. Visualization of imdb data.


rhnav Geneology visualization.
20 Generations Family Tree. One particular family tree viz.
Swarm. Networks of website.


Tree of Life. Species visualization.
Map of Science. From the journal Nature.


TextArc Visualizations of books, other writings
Visual Poetry. Visualizations of poems.
The Voice. One of the better tag clouds I’ve seen.


Thinking Machine 4. A chess match viz.
Ph.D. Thesis Map. Dissertation outline in the style of a subway map.
Newspaper Map. Very unusual.
Visual Elements Periodic Table.